/News 11.11.22


Show Group‘s global CEO, Tom Clark wraps up 2022 and sends a holiday message on behalf of the team

What an amazing year 2022 has been for film, television and touring; what a year of milestones for Show Group. It was wonderful to watch travel restrictions around the world fall like dominos, a welcome indicator that business is back on track and Show Group continues to shine. Overcoming the challenges of the past few years has enabled our team to become more agile, and better than ever at what we do!

In April we saw the completion of the Corporate Travel Management (CTM) acquisition of Helloworld (Show Group). This was an exciting time for our business and we welcomed the opportunity to be a part of a global travel management company that demonstrated care and attention to ensure the migration of our customers and employees was a positive experience. We are already witnessing the benefits of CTM’s value proposition and will certainly be leveraging this to add value and deliver exceptional service for our Show Group customers.

This acquisition also saw our business move our offices into new locations, with our head office now located in Liverpool Street, Sydney, in addition to a new exciting location at Disney Studios Australia (renamed from Fox Studios Australia) and Spencer Street in Melbourne. Show Group continues to operate from Village Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast which has been our Queensland home for many years.

After 40 years we finally said our farewells to our iconic clown logo. With a new acquisition and change in the broader travel industry, this was the perfect year for a refresh of our brand. Now represented by a ‘spotlight’, it was a fitting time to shine.

Cementing our new Show Group Executive team in May, saw Sasha Sherman move to a dedicated Head of Sales role, Simon Andrews as the Head of National Operations, and Chris Perryn leading the Strategic Account Management team as well as focusing a recruitment drive to complement and build on the extensive experience within our already expert consultant team. It has been a pleasure to see the passion, creativity and commitment of our employees and supplier partners in delivering innovative and effective solutions in often complex and challenging environments. Time and time again our team steps up to the challenge every day, supporting some of the largest performers, bands, productions and tours in Australia.

The appointment as the preferred travel management company for the film productions of Elvis and Thor: Love and Thunder right here in our own backyard was a compliment to the capabilities of our business and team, and a thrill for employees to be involved in.

Sasha Sherman, Head of Sales, Show Group

These productions produced a combined number of 31,859 hotel room nights, 1642 flights and 1432 hire cars; a mammoth effort for our team and a significant contribution to the Australian travel industry, the local economy and communities.

We are passionate about this industry and there has never been a better year to be a part of it. We are excited about what the future holds for the entertainment travel industry and our company, and we’re moving forward with a renewed vision and energy. I believe our modern, sleek new logo and website epitomise what Show Group stands for today and into the future: simple, seamless and sophisticated travel management for the entertainment industry. We hope the industry loves it as much as we do.

As we look towards 2023, I want to take the time to wish all our valued customers, industry partners and employees a safe and happy holidays. Thank you for your continued support and loyalty over the years. It is you that has kept our 40-year story alive.  

I am optimistic that next year will be even bigger and better for film, television, and touring; we can’t wait.  

Tom Clark,
Show Group – Global CEO