Tax Incentives

Learn about Australia’s suite of globally competitive screen production incentives.

Location Offset – 30% From July 1, 2023*

The Australian Government announced as part of the 2023/24 Budget that the Location Offset will increase from 16.5% to 30% from July 1, 2023 (*subject to legislation). The 13.5% Location Incentive will cease accepting applications from June 30, 2023, and projects commencing principal photography on or after July 1, 2023 will be eligible for the Location Offset at 30%.

New eligibility requirements will also be introduced for the 30% Location Offset.

Post, Digital and Visual Effects (PDV) Offset – 30% + up to 15% for State & Territory PDV Incentives

The Australian Government's PDV Offset is a 30% tax rebate for productions who undertake post, digital and visual effects in Australia which can be combined with up to 15% from state and territory government incentives.


Australia’s states and territories also offer competitive incentives and grants for productions wanting to film in their regions (*some states offer more than 10% on a case-by-case basis); or for productions undertaking post, sound, music and visual effects with post and VFX studios in their states.

Work out the incredible savings when combining federal and state government incentives using the Australian Screen Incentives Calculator on this page.

The Producer Offset – 30% Non-Theatrical Features, TV Series & Other Formats or 40% Theatrical Features

The Producer Offset: a 30% rebate for non-theatrical feature projects, TV series and other formats and 40% rebate for theatrical feature projects for Australian productions and Official Co-productions.

Official Treaty Co-Production

Official Treaty Co-productions are established under formal arrangements between Australia and governments of other countries, providing creative and economic benefits for both producers. Dive in here to see if your country is eligible.