We Help Film & TV makers

Ausfilm works hard to help film & TV makers and studios find what they need in Australia to bring their stories to life, not to mention on budget and on time!

The Australian screen industry has made its mark on the international stage as talented, innovative, creative, passionate and hardworking ready to take on tentpole hits, franchise and indie films, sci-fi television series through to animated family films. 

Ausfilm markets Australia’s Screen Production Incentive Scheme which comprises the Location Offset, PDV (Post, Digital and Visual Effects) Offset and Producer Offset. The Location and PDV Offsets are administered by the Australian Government’s Department of Communications and the Arts. The Producer Offset is administered by Screen Australia.

Ausfilm is a unique partnership between private industry and government. The partnership comprises Australia’s federal and state governments, the major studios complexes, production service providers and leading post, visual effects and sound/music studios.

Ausfilm’s head office is based in Sydney, and our subsidiary organisation, Ausfilm USA Inc is based in Los Angeles.

Ausfilm USA works closely with the Sydney Ausfilm office in promoting Australia’s film and television production incentives; diverse locations; sound stages; post-production and visual effects companies; and award-winning filmmaking talent. Ausfilm is the gateway for international filmmakers looking to film, post and/or co-produce in Australia. Ausfilm USA Inc is incorporated in California and is governed by a Board of Directors.  Ausfilm in Australia is governed by a Board of Directors comprising five government screen agencies including Screen Australia and five corporate member companies.

The Ausfilm team in Australia and USA can provide information and referrals to international filmmakers about Australia’s:

We may also offer the following services upon application:

  • location surveys and pitches tailored to your project;
  • confidential briefing about your project to State and Territory screen agencies; and
  • Australian comparative budgets

If you are interested in filming your project in Australia, developing partnerships with Australian talent or completing post-production/music or sound production in Australia contact Ausfilm today or call us on +61 2 9383 4192 (Sydney) or +1 310 229 2362 (Los Angeles). 


Ausfilm has a proven track record in helping to shape government policy and improve its screen production incentives scheme. Industry leadership and development is also a critical component for Ausfilm, as the decision on where to shoot a film depends not only on economic incentives but on a skilled and capable local industry.

Ausfilm continues to engage with relevant government agencies and Parliamentarians to increase their knowledge and understanding of production flows and issues facing the offshore production sector, and to provide up-to-date advice on Commonwealth support and regulation to members and key clients.

Contact Patrick May, Director of Policy & Research for enquiries relating to production or incentive matters.