Entertainment Partners Powered by Moneypenny are your specialists in entertainment payroll, production management and production finance solutions, production accounting, offset facilitation and training services.
Ausfilm Member since 2022

Entertainment Partners Powered by Moneypenny was established from the 2022 union of US-based Entertainment Partners and Australia-based Moneypenny to provide Australian productions with the best production technology solutions with expert local knowledge combined with the expertise of a leading global production partner.

Entertainment Partners Powered by Moneypenny specialises in production finance and production management services and solutions for the global screen industry. The Moneypenny platform is a fully integrated suite of offerings, from online contracting and payroll to production accounting and cost reporting, digital document management and archiving.  Entertainment Partners Powered by Moneypenny has serviced hundreds of productions with payroll, rolling out thousands of paydays for cast, crew and background actors. Services are provided from pre- to post-production.

In addition, its team of experienced accountants help productions navigate the complexities and detail of both state & federal tax credits and incentives with a goal of maximising returns for Aussie producers as well as overseas producers looking at Australia for their next production. In 2019, it had a 100% success rate for 42 Final Offsets.

With extensive relationships with freelance production accountants, the team can also assist productions in putting together the right accounting unit for any job. And it is working to close the skill gap by offering production accounting training and research, which provides consistency of services and assurance in the financial management of screen productions.




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As Entertainment Partners Powered by Moneypenny integrates its new global offerings it is bringing industry-leading solutions to Australia including the global standard Movie Magic Budgeting and Movie Magic Scheduling, Scenechronize, and Emmy-award winning SyncOnSet. The Digital Production Studio delivers integrated, cloud-based digital solutions to support every phase of production everywhere around the world. These solutions have been pressure tested over years, providing the best-in-class combination of expertise and innovation.


In addition, the global team of experts have decades of experience in the entertainment industry providing rich insights on workers compensation, health care, labor issues, and regulatory compliance.

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  • Wolf Like Me S1 & S2
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