New Holland

New Holland is pioneering the future of the motion design studio. Dedicated to best-in-class design, they push the boundaries of what their partners think possible.
Ausfilm Member since 2018

New Holland provides direction, creative development, concept art, brand identity, motion graphics, film titles and CG animation.

From the unmatched calibre of our creative to our eagerness to problem solve at the earliest stages of creative development helping our clients get to the bottom of their big ideas faster. Being a design-focused company New Holland has a niche approach. Coupled with our collective experience, this makes for a unique offering.



Founder and Creative Director
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We can work with an idea from its embryonic stage and help develop it all the way through to final shot production. An idea can start life as a conversation, a sketch, or a series of reference images. We can take that starting point and continue the process of visual exploration, collaborating and engaging along the way. With our ability to create exceptional concept art, married to our abilities in storyboarding and previz animation, we have the skills and experience to work closely with a film director from the very early days of production. Our visual storytelling abilities and feature film sensitivities ensure we do so at the highest level possible. We have a genuine desire to extract the vision of a Director and bring those ideas to life. An idea is only as good as its execution, which is where our personal experiences with feature film visual effects and design graphics comes to the fore.

We take our designs and integrate them seamlessly into live action photography, while ensuring the integrity of the design is upheld throughout the entire process. Our Concept and Design team sit with our CG team who also sit with our Compositor, so communication remains constant and direct. There is nothing that limits our process. We create.

It’s the combination of these skills and experiences, coupled with an elite concentration of very skilled artists, that allows us to ensure a director’s design vision makes its way from idea to screen in the most efficient way possible. At New Holland, we’re driven to make things that have never been seen before, try things that have never been tried before, determined to make our clients never think of a motion design studio the same way again.

  • I Am Mother
  • Prometheus
  • Thor
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
  • Peter Rabbit