/News 10.03.23


The Avatar Factory is a family-owned business with a difference. 75% of its operators are women, who are the driving force behind the company’s success. Alongside them is a dedicated father and husband who adores his family and looks up to the women in his life with admiration and respect.

Together, this remarkable team has built a thriving business that showcases the power of pursuing one’s passions, as each of them brings something unique to the table.


Chloe, the eldest daughter, is a skilled producer and handles all business decisions. She is the primary point of contact for clients and is known for her excellent people skills.

Actors engaged with Avatar Factory will feel at ease through the capture process thanks to Chloe’s adept guidance and capacity to create a relaxed and confident space


Kate, a wonderful wife and mother, oversees data downloads and quality control to ensure that every project meets the highest standards. With a background in art direction and continuity, she is a valuable asset to the team.


Amy, the youngest daughter, is the creative force behind the Avatar Factory. She is a talented all-rounder, with a keen eye for detail, and a fantastic documentation specialist. Her passion for photography enables each moment to be captured beautifully and her precision ensures that each avatar is a perfect match.

Amy also heads up the new Track Scanner for props – from a knife to an aircraft. Her creativity and attention to detail are evident in every project she undertakes.

Both daughters are graduates of ACU with double degrees in Global Studies. While Chloe’s second degree is in Business, Amy has pursued her creative endeavours in Visual Arts. The combination of skills has resulted in a well-rounded and balanced team who have successfully tapped into their own set of unique abilities.

Mark, the family’s dedicated photographer, is responsible for capturing the images to complete the successful Avatar Factory production line. He is a humble yet talented photographer with an eye for detail, and his work complements the rest of the family’s talents perfectly.

The Avatar Factory owes its success to the tireless efforts of Chloe, Kate, Amy, and Mark, who maintain passion and respect for the work and all those they work with.

“As a father, I am immensely proud of everything our family can achieve. Their hard work, dedication, and passion for their craft are truly inspiring, and I am honored to be a part of such an exceptional team.”

Mark Ruff, Managing Director of Avatar Factory