/News 31.01.24

TAG Reflects on Overcoming Production Travel Challenges in 2023

The expert Production Travel Specialists at TAG are well-versed on the importance of adaptability and providing solutions in the ever-changing landscape of film and television production. During the intricate creation process, it’s inevitable that challenges arise while making a film or TV show. That’s why the TAG team prioritises proactiveness while working with clients, and why in 2023 – a year filled with halted production due to strikes – TAG’s Production Travel Specialists lived by the mantra of “No problems, only solutions.”

The impact of the writers’ and actors’ strikes in 2023 was felt across the globe. During the uncertainty that arose, TAG’s Production Team surpassed expectations and maneuvered through sudden closures that required them to facilitate the return of international casts and crews, until the strike concluded.

“Every team member played a crucial role in securing seats, reissuing tickets and cancelling accommodations with minimal or, in many cases, no cancellation fees. This effort significantly saved productions from unexpected financial burdens.”

Alli Pratt, APAC Director of Production, TAG

Throughout the strike, TAG’s Production Team maintained constant communication with hotels and car rental companies – keeping their services on hold in anticipation of resuming production after each sessional meeting. Transparent and honest updates were consistently provided to suppliers to ensure everyone was up-to-date with any progress. TAG Production Travel Specialists remained on-call every weekend, and maintained dedicated shifts. This granted them the ability to book and facilitate the swift return of all cast and crew to Australia as soon as work resumed.

In the aftermath of the industry-wide strike, the world of production travel faced further challenges, with numerous large and mid-size productions resuming almost simultaneously. TAG was faced with the daunting task to swiftly and efficiently manage the reactivation of these projects within an extremely tight timeframe, often days and hours before the scheduled dates. This involved coordinating the travel arrangements for dozens of domestic and international passengers, including talent, crew members and VIPs, all while rebooking hundreds of accommodations that had previously been cancelled.

Drawing on the collective strength of TAG’s Production Team and external contacts, an all-hands-on-deck approach was adopted. The effort extended into long hours and meticulous planning, as every detail needed to be addressed in order of importance. The sheer volume of work required a synchronised effort to ensure that every aspect of each production could proceed seamlessly.

“Through dedication and strategic maneuvering, every production was successfully booked and secured,” explains Pratt. “This ensured that all the slated projects could proceed without any issues, whether it was the continuation of paused productions or the commencement of new ones. The teams’ efforts during this period cleared the path for the resumption of numerous projects, highlighting the resilience of our TAG Production Team in the face of unforeseen challenges.”