Mod is a realtime and virtual production studio solving the screen industry’s most ambitious creative-technical challenges.
Ausfilm Member since 2020

Mod specialises in realtime and virtual production. Known for solving the most ambitious creative-technical challenges, Mod’s multidisciplinary team provides a range of production services including

  • Creative / Technical Direction
  • Virtual Production Supervision
  • Unreal Engine Operations
  • Camera Tracking
  • Motion Capture
  • Volumetric Capture
  • Pipeline Design and Management
  • Software Development

Their deep interactive production skill-set also means they can help extend a show’s reach via cross-platform extensions including interactive content for gaming platforms, Extended Reality experiences such as VR and AR or location-based and touring cinematic experiences.


Business Development Manager
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[email protected] 
+61 2 7906 8355

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Mod has worked with Animal Logic, Arcadia, the ABC, BBC, Channel Ten, Premium TV (UK), Fox Sports, SBS, Molinare (UK), Epic Games, Sony Interactive Entertainment (USA), Nintendo, Sony BMG, UTS Animal Logic Academy, Screen NSW and Verizon Media.

Teams choose to work with Mod for their:

  • Expertise in creative-technical problem-solving
  • Hawk-eye for the details, with meticulous project-management processes
  • International network of expert collaborators

Their Rack&Pin production management software system has been proven on 14 years worth of in-house and client productions, delivering cost efficiencies and risk mitigation, being tailor-made for advanced digital production.

Mod is a 50% Aboriginal-owned, Supply Nation registered studio business.

  • Unhinged trailer (Animal Logic)
  • 2067 (Arcadia)
  • A Clever Label VR documentary (Mod)
  • The Many Moods of Donald Trump (Harry Shearer)
  • Dimensions In Testimony (Shoah Foundation and Sydney Jewish Museum)
  • ACO Virtual (Mod and Australian Chamber Orchestra)