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Immigration is our world. It is all we do and we love it.
Ausfilm Member since 2021

We are a leader in the complex and ever-changing area of immigration, we provide advice and assistance with everything from visas to immigration strategies, compliance to lobbying and communications. It has been our focus for decades and we are proud of the professional way we do it. We make the process simple and remove the complexity and stress.

When you work with us, you can be confident that you are dealing with a team of experts who care about your matter/business and will support you/your team through the visa process and beyond.



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Our dedicated Entertainment Team assists with migration processes into Australia, NZ, the US and other jurisdictions. We work with production companies, studios, artists and their support teams needing to send or bring people to Australia for productions or products. We can assist with pre-production planning, union consultations, visa co-ordination and immigration compliance. During COVID-19 restrictions, we assist with travel exemption requests and quarantine questions.

Lillian Ajuria (Notary Public & Accredited Specialist in Immigration Law) is recognised in the Australian Financial Review as one of Australia’s Best Immigration Lawyers. Ron Kessels is our “beacon of light in the world of immigration” and a pioneer of the industry with 30 years’ experience. Navpreet Kanwar is our “lawyer to the stars” and manages our Entertainment team.

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