The Rebel Fleet

The Rebel Fleet is a dedicated workflow provider for shoots across Australasia, with a proven track record on a range of international productions.
Ausfilm Member since 2021

The Rebel Fleet work closely with international productions to provide a comprehensive solution for managing picture and data workflow from on-set and delivery into post-production, always maintaining international security standards and workflow expectations.

The Rebel Fleet specialise in remote, mobile Video Assist, DIT, Dailies, on-set I.T. Cloud delivery and metadata capture solutions. During pre-production, we work with the production and post-production teams to devise a workflow solution that suits their budgets, locations, delivery expectations and aspirations. Once in production, we supply the equipment, services and crew for on-set and near set, making sure we deliver correctly into the post-production pipeline working closely with local and international post-production suppliers.



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With touch points across pre-production, production and into post-production not only do we supply Video Assist, DIT, Dailies and I.T. hardware and crew, we are also gathering, managing, collating and sanitising metadata throughout the pipeline.

Relating key information from Camera, Sound, Scripts, DIT, Video, VFX and more against the scene, take and clip information, as well as relating this back to the production information, for example, shoot day, shooting unit, camera type, contacts, etc. This enables us to deliver key insights and live analytics back to key stakeholders and onto the post-production process, meaning editorial and VFX receive clear collated information into their pipeline, as well as production being able to receive updates on total footage amounts, first turn over, camera usage, camera mag clearance and more, reducing the need to hand type paper notes, or try to gather information from busy crew while they are shooting.

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  • The Wilds S2
  • Love and Monsters