Soundfirm is Australia’s largest post-production company, operating award-winning facilities in Melbourne, Sydney and Beijing.
Ausfilm Member since 2000

For more than 37 years, we’ve been providing sound and picture services for local and international films, TV shows and documentaries, all the while staying at the forefront of the latest industry developments.

In each city our facilities are housed under the one roof and expressly designed to integrate the picture and sound pipeline for a seamless workflow. We offer sound, picture, VFX and on-set services.

Our picture department is the most advanced in Australia. We can handle files of all sizes, from HD to 8K. We operate 4K grading theatres and are set up for HDR / Dolby Vision in our grading suites. Your choice of grader is not limited to our in-house team so you have the broadest choice of creative personnel.

Whether in-house or on location, data wrangling and DIT services are fully supported. Our service offer includes remote AVID offline editorial, on set colour and a secure rushes viewing platform. 

Soundfirm have a VFX department specifically designed to offer high end performance for local films. Our efficient, targeted, and versatile approach, allows us to achieve the best possible results, while remaining budget conscious to your project.



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Our roots are in sound. Since 1983 we have been producing award wining soundtracks for Australian and international projects. 7 out of the 10 highest grossing Australian films have had their soundtrack produced by Soundfirm. 

Our Oscar winning sound team includes mixers, designers and editors that can be backed up as needed with top-line freelancers, providing flexibility of resources throughout the production. Soundfirm is a one stop facility offering an extensive range of services for sound including Foley and ADR.

Soundfirm is also renowned for high-quality, affordable English dubbing & foreign language dubbing. Our in-house director works with a team of highly skilled, accomplished actors to deliver you the best quality English dubbing service tailored to your budget.

If you require a complete end-to-end sound / picture / VFX service, we can supply everything as a quoted package, or alternatively provide any of the individual services.

Soundfirm has won 1 Oscar, 2 BAFTAs, 13 AACTAs and 3 Golden Reels.

  • Relic
  • Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway
  • H is for Happiness
  • Penguin Bloom
  • The Dry
  • Miss Fisher & The Crypt of Tears
  • The Gloaming
  • Wentworth
  • Maralinga Tjuarutja
  • Chef Antonio’s Recipes for Revolution