Welcome to Sandbox, home to one of the highest post-production rebates in the world. Sandbox is a genuinely collaborative, specialist one-stop-shop for vision and audio post-production covering everything from on-set supervision to VFX and delivery.
Ausfilm Member since 2020

Established way back in 1990, thirty-years-and-one-name-change later their cutting-edge facility has become WA’s leading destination for post-production including editing, visual effects, colour grading and sound design.

Under the one roof, you’ll have access to a friendly team of internationally-recognised animators, visual fx artists, colourists, editors and other specialists who haven’t just been chosen for their skill, but also their collaborative spirit.

With 3 sound studios, a choice of premium vision suites and a 50-seat grading and mixing theatre, Sandbox is the right place to finish your production.

Come play in the Sandbox.


Grady Habib

Managing Director
[email protected]

Louise Bertoncini

Senior Post Producer
[email protected]
+61 8 3281788

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Additionally, Sandbox have expertise in production management and can help you with crew and location scouting services as well.


  • Rams 
  • H is for Happiness 
  • The Naked Wanderer 
  • Itch S1 
  • Koko: A Red Dog Story
  • The Gateway
  • Three Summers
  • Pulse
  • One Shot: An Image And An Attitude
  • Bad Girl
  • Hounds of Love
  • Hotel Coolgardie
  • The Reckoning