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Screen Queensland offers a range of incentives that are in addition to the Federal incentives including: Production Attraction grant, Post Digital and VFX grant, Production Investment, Development funding and a low cost loan fund called the Revolving Film Finance Fund, Regional incentives and a Payroll Tax Rebate.
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Screen Queensland is the State Government agency based in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.  Screen Queensland supports a creative, innovative and successful screen industry through development and production investment; secures production to Queensland; and delivers an active screen culture across the state. 

Queensland is the film friendly, production paradise of Australia known for its award-winning talent and crew, stunning and diverse natural locations, attractive financial incentives, facilities, post-production and visual effects studios and award-winning cast and crew.  Queensland boasts the largest sound stage (40,000 sq m) in the Southern Hemisphere and purpose-built water tank in Australia both located at the Gold Coast’s Village Roadshow Studios.

Screen Queensland supports the creative and dynamic Queensland screen industry in several ways, including but not limited to investment for the development and production of the Queensland film, television and documentary production sector, and has an enviable track record in attracting interstate and international productions.


Jo Dillon

Acting CEO
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Gina Black

Production Incentives and Attraction Manager
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+61 7 3248 0500

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Screen Queensland supports productions that demonstrate significant economic benefit to Queensland and provide opportunities for Queensland practitioners.  Eligible productions may include feature films, feature documentaries, telemovies and television series (including reality, drama, animation and mini-series) and similar digital productions.

Screen Queensland works with producers to ensure their creative and financial needs are exceeded offering:

  • free advice on state and federal government incentives and co-production ventures
  • professional script breakdowns
  • bespoke location packages
  • liaison with councils and local government agencies
  • introductions to producers, writers and other leading creative talent and technical crew.

Screen Queensland has secured back-to-back productions including Thor: Ragnarok, Kong: Skull Island, Nest, The Shallows, Jungle, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, San Andreas, Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken and Modern Family.

Queensland continues to be a leader in Australia’s screen industry, in emerging screen technologies, and a major contributor to the nation’s creative landscape.

Production Attraction Program

- Production Attraction and Incentives are open to all domestic and international producers who are looking to bring ‘footloose’ film and television projects that generally have a minimum AUD$3.5 million Queensland Production Expenditure (QPE).
- A range of lucrative incentives offered for both film and television producers that can be combined with the Australian Government’s Location Offset, Producer Offset and Post/Digital/Visual Effects Offset.
Incentives are determined on the economic and cultural benefits a production will bring to Queensland including spend, jobs, technical and infrastructure legacies plus cultural benefits.


- Negotiable Production Attraction Incentive – a grant provided to producers based on the anticipated Queensland Production Expenditure (QPE), the engagement of bona fide Queensland practitioners, and/or the creation of infrastructure in Queensland.
- Location and Scouting Assistance – provided for projects considering Queensland locations, and provided prior to commencement of pre-production or during, financing. The extent of support is based on the anticipated Queensland Production Expenditure (QPE).
- State Payroll Tax Rebate – available for those productions that have paid the 4.75% Queensland Payroll Tax and with a spend greater than AUD$3.5 million Queensland Production expenditure (QPE).
- Regional Statewide Incentive Grants – a negotiable grant up to AUD$100,000 based on regional spend and employment opportunities.
- Post, Digital and Visual Effects Attraction Grant – a negotiable grant capped at AUD$250,000 for a minimum spend of AUD$500,000 in Queensland on post-production elements.
- The Revolving Film Financing Fund (RFFF) – provides secured loans to cash-flow the Producer Offset, distribution guarantees and pre-sales with a 7 per cent loan fee charged on RFFF loans making it an extremely competitive option.
- Development and Production Investment Grant available where a Queensland producer or writer is attached.
Screen Queensland also supports co-productions and is ready to talk to you about the benefits of working with Queensland producers including the advantage of both state and federal incentives (including Screen Australia’s 40% federal offset.)

  • Aquaman
  • Thor: Ragnarok
  • Jungle
  • Kong: Skull Island
  • The Nest
  • The Butterfly Tree (Feature Film)
  • Pacific Rim 2
  • The Second
  • Guardians of the Tomb (previously known as Nest)