XM2 PURSUIT are experts in aerial cinematography for the film, TV and commercial industries.
Ausfilm Member since 2016

A collaboration between XM2 and Pursuit Aviation, XM2 PURSUIT forms the world’s premiere complete aerial solution provider. Capable of capturing amazing aerial content from almost any airborne platform, XM2 PURSUIT caters to the major motion picture, VFX, television and aerospace industries.

Combining globally experienced pilots with the latest developments in aerospace and film equipment, XM2 PURSUIT services feature films and TV shows around the globe, deploying teams to the most logistically and environmentally challenging destinations around the world.

The capability to modify and integrate custom platforms is facilitated by a highly specialiSed team of pilots, camera operators, engineers and technicians to realiSe any creative vision. This unique personnel structure creates a skilled, precise and efficient aerial unit that meets and exceeds the demands of on-set operations.

From iconic, historic warbirds to unmanned aircraft that fit in the palm of your hand, XM2 PURSUIT brings together the best of the aerospace and film industries, providing innovative, turn-key solutions for productions of any size. For more information and to learn about our groundbreaking technical innovations in aerial cinematography, visit www.xm2pursuit.com.




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XM2 Sierra has changed the perception of what drones can achieve. Prior to the development of Sierra, drones could only carry smaller, stripped down camera packages. At the moment, full camera packages on cranes are generally limited to 70 feet while helicopters can only come down to 500 feet. The design, manufacture and operation of XM2 Sierra bridge this gap, matching most camera rigs used on cranes and helicopters and able to mimic the manoeuvres that they are able to perform.

XM2 Aerial are proud of their ability to capture long lens, intimate and artistic shots, proven on a number of recent feature films. Being involved early in planning allows XM2 to maximise the creativity and the range of option for the production. The development and integration of specialised equipment allows a fast turnaround from idea to development.

XM2 Aerial has an in-house research and development team that produces bespoke engineering solutions for a wide variety of applications. Custom camera mounting equipment, gimbal accessories, as well as aircraft components, are designed, manufactured and tested on a regular basis. The development carried out by XM2 Aerial is facilitated by on-set experience. Intimate knowledge of on-set workflow allows for the constant improvement of components and systems, thus improving efficiency.

  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
  • Fast and Furious 9
  • No Time To Die
  • Aquaman
  • Gemini Man