/News 30.11.16


One of our newest members to the Ausfilm family, XM2 Aerial is bringing cinematic art to the skies. With credits including Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, The Dressmaker and Red Dog:True Blue, and fresh off the sets of Asura, Australia Day, The Warriors, Thor: Ragnarok and Pacific Rim: Maelstrom, XM2 is riding a wave of innovation in the use of drone cinematography in feature film production.

Whilst the film and television world are continuing to embrace an exciting new visual vocabulary that is the ‘drone’, XM2 continues to fly high and wide working on some of the most innovative and creatively exciting productions both locally and internationally.

As well as being leaders in the field of aerial cinematography, XM2 are getting a lot of attention with their ability to fly aerial LiDAR and Photogrammetry for visual effects and 3Dmodelling on major feature films.

The growing use of drones is changing the way movies and TV shows are made, giving Directors and Cinematographers a new perspective on the action. Drones are likeSteadicams that can operate hundreds of feet in the air.

Filmmakers claim that drones create more distinctive shots because they can give perspective not previously possible. Dropping down into narrow spaces such as alleyways, valleys, canyons and even flying through doors, windows and tunnels. Their flexibility makes shot making quicker, easier, faster and safer.

“More and more productions are including drones in their shot list” says Natalie Zibung, XM2’s Location and Operations Manager.

“Initially we find hesitation and uncertainty with production companies to engage drone use in their creative process, but once we are engaged in pre-production and clearly articulate where drones can add value, we are easily able to design the use of this exciting technology and artistic tool into the movie making experience.”