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Feature film H is for Happiness and TV series Mystery Road Series 2 have been selected as part of the prestigious festival, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors from across the globe.

H is for Happiness explores growing up and family tragedy through humour and has been selected for the Generation Kplus Programme. The films in this section focus on the diverse and challenging lives of young people from different parts of the world.

As part of the Berlinale School Project, primary and secondary school teachers from Berlin and Brandenburg will integrate selected films from the Generation section of the Berlinale program into their lessons.

H is for Happiness: Candice (Daisy Axon) and Douglas (Wesley Patten). Albany, Western Australia. Image by David Dare Parker ©Happiness Film Productions Pty Ltd

“The seaside town of Albany was the perfect fit for this brief. It projects a sense of old-world charm in its architecture, the bay and the quirky, earthy shapes in the breathtaking landscape of boulders and hills which surround it. Albany has such a cinematic feel to it and no matter where I pointed the camera, I knew I was going to be able to frame the moment beautifully.”

John Sheedy, Director of H is for Happiness

Bunya Productions’ Mystery Road Series 2, which filmed in Broome, Western Australia, will premiere the first two episodes as part of the Berlinale Series program. The critically acclaimed first series drew over one point eight million viewers in Australia and was the number one show on BBC4 each week during the broadcast period.

Aaron Pedersen as Jay in Mystery Road – The Series. A Bunya production for ABC TV. Photo by John Platt.

“We are excited to be premiering Mystery Road Series 2 to an international audience at the Berlinale. We expect audiences will be captivated by the extraordinary Kimberley landscapes and storylines about to unfold on their screens,” explained Greer Simpkin, Producer at Bunya Productions. “We love filming in the Kimberley and working with the WA production sector. It really was a dream shoot.”

“We are impressed and delighted that H is For Happiness and Mystery Road Series 2 have been selected as part of the Berlinale. This is an exceptional accolade for these Western Australian screen projects, and we look forward to the reception of both amazing projects at such a high profile, global event.”

Willie Rowe, CEO of Screenwest.

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Featured image: H is for Happiness. Candice (Daisy Axon) and Douglas (Wesley Patten) talk while looking up at the sky. Albany, Western Australia. Image by David Dare Parker ©Happiness Film Productions Pty Ltd