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In the world of production and travel, each client deserves service offerings to suit specific needs. Award-winning travel management company, TAG understands the importance of customising their services to meet individual expectations. They are constantly adapting their offerings to benefit their global client base, including the announcement of their new Entertainment Corporate Team.

Headed by Kerry Luxford, the Entertainment Corporate Team will specialise in the day-to-day travel of production companies, screen bodies and assist in the initial scout travel that is required for productions and pre-production. The new department will be run separately from TAG’s Production Team, who look after the actual productions once green-lit.

In addition to 18 years of production travel under her belt, Luxford has worked on numerous projects since joining TAG’s Production Team during COVID. 

Her repertoire includes productions like Kong: Skull Island, Peter Rabbit 1 and 2, Gods of Egypt and Mad Max: Fury Road. From 2021-2022, Kerry was the lead agent on Furiosa, where for 18 months, she lived and breathed Mad Max, leaving a lasting impression within production travel.

Following her memorable work on Mad Max, Luxford approached TAG about setting up a new department. Her intention was to utilise the skills she gained from looking after producers, directors and A-listers. In addition, Kerry wanted to share her knowledge with other TAG staffers through training, mentoring and a leadership role.

Due to Kerry’s nature in going above and beyond for each person she crosses paths with, mixed with her priceless amount of travel knowledge, TAG made the easy decision to champion her idea for a new department. While Kerry oversees the Entertainment Corporate Team, there are many people who contribute to the team’s success. Luxford is supported by Senior Agents, including Melissa Rennett, Ximena Lucero and Kristy Gilmour – all of whom bring unmatched experience and a wealth of knowledge to the department. 

Thank you Kerry – Furiosa Team

About Kerry Luxford

Favourite Holiday Destination

That is a very hard decision to make, I love travelling. I guess I would have to say Thailand as I tend to always go back for holidays. I love the people, their culture, the climate and the food. I love its quieter areas for a beach break, armed with a selection of novels and an ice-cold Singha. Then, I like to enjoy a weekend in harmonious, chaotic Bangkok to shop up a storm, especially at the Chatuchak markets.

Favourite Hotel 

I have been fortunate to experience and stay in some amazing hotels over the years. However, one that vividly stands out is the Furama Resort in Danang, central Vietnam. It was a stunning property.

Favourite Airline 

As an agent, I have always found Delta extremely helpful and very supportive to work with. I do, however, love the advertising from Air New Zealand.

Favourite Movie

This is another hard one. I love feel-good movies or movies that have a great story.

I recently watched and thoroughly enjoyed Where the Crawdads Sing. I also adored the Harry Potter series; each film was a fantastic literary film adaption. 

Favourite TV Show

I just finished watching Ted Lasso. I really enjoyed it; it was feel-good, funny and highly entertaining. I am, however, hanging out for the next season of Yellowstone.

Place You Would Like to Visit

I would love to visit Etosha National Park in Namibia.

What People Say About Working With Kerry

“When Kerry is in charge of organising my travel, I exhale, knowing I’m in safe hands, getting the best deals and the most efficient service.” 
– Kath Shelper, Producer, Scarlett Pictures

“I first worked with Kerry on Fury Road in dusty Namibia in 2012. The fact that still today more than 10 years later I still don’t feel comfortable asking anyone else to handle our corporate (and personal) travel-related requests is a testament to Kerry’s exceptional service, attention to detail, amazing attitude and wicked sense of humour.
Film travel is a dynamic, stressful environment and Kerry has, on more than a dozen occasions, saved our bacon. Whatever she directs her focus to next, I’m confident will be a massive success and a fun adventure!
Kerry – THANK YOU for looking after me/us for the past decade. And please don’t drop off the map!”
– Marius Botha, PROXi VP, Pinnacle Film Studios

“I have worked with Kerry on many projects over the years and she has always dedicated herself to providing the best service to her clients. I look forward to continuing the relationship as she transitions to her new role.”
– Nicholas Copping, Unit Production Manager, Mad Max Furiosa

To learn more about the Entertainment Corporate Team and how they can benefit your next production, please reach out to:
Kerry Luxford 
[email protected]