/News 13.12.23

TAG Australia farewells Mandy Armstrong for international role

TAG’s Mandy Armstrong recently relocated from Australia to manage the TAG team’s US operations and be the eyes and ears on the ground for the Australian team. With more than 30 years’ industry experience, Mandy has worked on some of the biggest feature films in Australia and she remains one of TAG’s most experienced agents for production travel.

Her expertise and passion in the industry will bring great value to her new markets, and she will be able to offer support to anyone wanting to film in Australia.  Mandy will continue to work closely with Alli Pratt, Director of Production in the APAC region.

Mandy and Alli sat down with Ausfilm to answer a few questions and dive deeper into Mandy’s time with TAG Australia.

How long have you worked for TAG and the industry?

Mandy: I have more than 30 years’ experience in the travel industry, and I have been working at TAG for the last three. TAG is one of the few travel companies that continued to thrive during COVID, by adapting to the changing market conditions. They shifted their agents into production roles and hired some of us who had reduced hours – enabling us to expand the production department and leverage our collective expertise. From an experience perspective, I am well-versed in handling the challenges and uncertainties that come with production travel, and I always stay prepared for any unexpected situations. I believe that adaptability is a key skill in this field and I have demonstrated it throughout my career.

How does TAG work differently to other global travel management companies?

Mandy: TAG is a wholly owned company, which gives us the freedom and flexibility to design our systems and finances according to our and our clients’ needs. We can connect with other territories and collaborate on productions, ensuring that we get the best deals from all locations. We all work in the same way and support each other globally, which is a huge benefit to our clients. We have a great rapport with each other! We believe that great businesses are made of great people; the US team enjoy working closely with Alli and the Australian team, as well as Dee and the UK team, on various projects. 

TAG can offer a global approach that can effectively manage production travel operations across continents. This holistic perspective will enable us to streamline processes and ensure consistent quality and efficiency in the production industry, worldwide.

What are some of the Australian productions you have worked on during your career?

Mandy: I have a diverse portfolio of productions that I have worked on. These range from unscripted reality shows like Bachelor and Bachelorette, to scripted streaming series like Wolf Like Me, to large-scale feature films like Ticket to ParadiseShang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and Three Thousand Years of Longing.

What benefits can international customers expect when it comes to planning their shoots in Australia?

Alli: Our clients will experience a number of benefits, including:

  • Global presence and seamless collaboration: Our agents and offices are located around the world, ready to provide local support and expertise for any production, regardless of where it originates or shoots.
  • Smooth handover and transition: We can ensure a smooth handover when the production moves to another destination. TAG AU and UK have a proven track record of working together on numerous reality TV shows, and TAG’s global production travel will continue to be seamless with recent expansions.
  • Budgeting and planning assistance: Mandy can offer valuable assistance with budgeting for productions planning to come to Australia. She can provide realistic figures and advice based on her experience and knowledge. She can also alert you of any potential challenges or difficulties for filming during busy periods or festivals, and suggest the best times and locations for your production. 

How do TAG’s Australian regions work with global productions?

Alli: TAG works using a global system, meaning our Australian agents can sign in and work as if they are sitting in the office in the US or UK.

As a wholly owned agency, we can ensure customer invoices are billed from the right region for tax incentives. This applies not only to different countries, but also to different states in Australia. We have a presence in every state and territory, except Tasmania… for now! 

What lies ahead for TAG’s production department?

Alli: This year, we have expanded our global reach with a number of new office openings – bringing our total number of offices to nineteen worldwide. It has been a very exciting time for TAG, specifically when it comes to the possibilities of production travel.

What is the most exciting part of relocating to a new market?

Mandy:  I’m still new to LA, having joined only ten weeks ago. That said, I’m loving every moment of it. Some of the highlights so far are settling into our apartment and visiting Disneyland on the weekends. It’s truly the Happiest Place on Earth!