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South Australia’s capital Adelaide, is a vibrant and sophisticated city offering diverse locations and settings, which can not only replicate other Australian cities but also double for locations around the world.

Adelaide can represent the city of yesterday, today or tomorrow.

Adelaide’s cosmopolitan cityscapes only 10 minutes from the Adelaide Studios offer a range of European and North American architectural styles. Sleek high-rises give way to character filled laneways, while boulevards of heritage buildings border the city. Adelaide’s downtown area is surrounded by lush green parklands, with stunning beaches and dramatic bush scapes. Nearby, charming suburban streets can provide the backdrop for a range of stories, while Port Adelaide offers a working seaport with industrial infrastructure.

Adelaide is an UNESCO World Music City with a vibrant festival calendar and a world-class food and wine scene, combining small town charm with big city convenience. The most economical city in Australia for film production, Adelaide is also the gateway to the vast expanses of the South Australian outback which have attracted countless productions to the state.

Fast Facts:

  • Incentives: In addition to Federal incentives the South Australian Film Corporation offers production and post-production funding, an upfront payroll tax exemption and inbound recce support
  • Facilities: Adelaide Studios houses two sound stages, with production offices & a Dolby 7.1 Mixing Theatre
  • Adelaide Advantage: lower production costs combined with diversity and proximity of locations
  • Population: 1.2million
  • Climate: Mediterranean – perfect for year-round production
  • Currently Shooting: Hotel Mumbai, Cargo
  • Recent Productions: Wolf Creek (TV), The Babadook

Grandeur of London on Adelaide’s North Terrace
Parliament House -1

In the heart of Adelaide is North Terrace, the city’s cultural boulevard, which doubles easily for London.  The terrace is lined with architectural gems, both modern and historic, including Parliament House, State Library, South Australian Museum, and the Art Gallery of South Australia which all reflect the grand buildings of London.

Distinguished East Coast US College life at Adelaide University
Adelaide University 2 for UK

Adelaide offers a blend of colonial history and modern architecture, along with distinguished university grounds which can double for any East Coast US University. The urban surroundings with bars and laneways also offering a similar sophisticated but quirky style.

Colonial and contemporary Austin in the heart of downtown

Founded just three years before Austin, Adelaide offers similar architecture to the Texan capital with mid-1800’s government buildings constructed by the city’s pioneers, combined with contemporary downtown sky rises and lush riverside parklands adjacent to downtown.  Adelaide also enjoys a similar climate to Austin and easy access to small country towns and desert landscapes –it’s no wonder Austin is Adelaide’s sister city.

Vibrant urban streets with a European feel
Adelaide City_Rundle Street 2016 121647

Adelaide’s diverse cultural mix, Mediterranean climate and vibrant restaurant scene can double for city laneways across Europe. Al fresco eateries offer an international ambience and lively city spirit along main thoroughfares lined with character buildings.

Downtown from Manhattan to Melbourne
HindleyStreet-137 For city Alley

Adelaide’s urban backstreets can double as any major city, whilst providing easy access and fewer constraints than larger cities.  Street art, city alleys and urban grunge without the hassles of major traffic and other big city complications make Adelaide the perfect location to shoot any project set in downtown from Manhattan to Melbourne.

For further information contact:
Sarah Lancaster
Production Attraction & Business Development Executive
South Australian Film Corporation
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