/News 18.05.17


Showfilm, a division of Show Group Enterprises, have led the pack of travel management specialists in the film and television industry for over 30 years. The group have just announced their partnership with Freedom Road Travel, a wholly foreign-owned enterprise originally started in Shanghai, with offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Los Angeles. 

This exciting partnership allows Show Group’s Showfilm to expand their footprint into China, giving them greater ability to service productions travelling between China, the US and Australia. By expanding their extensive network of international travel industry providers, this partnership further facilitates the reliable logistical service busy productions rely on from Showfilm, including:

• Hotel accommodation for cast and crew
• Airline bookings, private flights and airport assistance
• Ground transport including car rentals, limousines and charter coaches
• International freight solutions for equipment and props


A seamless merging of international logistics experts

Showfilm is well versed in multi-site logistical solutions. Having recently facilitated travel for productions spanning China, Australia and the US, including Pacific Rim: Uprising, Guardians of the Tomb, Dogfight, Bait 3D and Jackie Chan’s Bleeding Steel, Showfilm has identified a need for an agency with deep expertise across all three regions.

“This partnership with Freedom Road Travel allows Showfilm to combine our film and television travel industry knowledge with local travel expertise within China,” says Nick Smith, Head of Showfilm.

“They were an obvious partnership choice due to their complimentary business values with Show Group and the Showfilm brand.”

A first for the Chinese film and television industry

Freedom Road Travel is a leading travel provider in China with proven excellence working with global brands. With a shared customer-first focus, both Showfilm and Freedom Road Travel are experts at facilitating tailored solutions for hassle-free, cost effective travel.

Their local, on-the-ground teams enable Freedom Road Travel to ensure every detail is covered for a seamless travel experience. With a team skilled in providing end-to-end travel solutions, Showfilm in partnership with Freedom Road Travel is now the first film and television travel management specialist in China.

Industry knowledge you can rely on

Show Group’s Showfilm and Freedom Road Travel’s service allows productions that are filming in multiple locations to experience smooth, punctual and cost-effective travel.

Freedom Road Travel’s local Chinese knowledge perfectly complements Showfilm’s expertise in getting cast, crew and equipment to difficult locations, solving complex accommodation needs in multiple locations, and shifting tonnes of equipment on a tight deadline and budget. Cross-border film and television production just got a whole lot easier.

To find out more, get in touch:

Nick Smith
Head of Showfilm
1800 221 027
[email protected]