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Screenwest has launched a range of resources to assist filmmakers interested in shooting in regional Western Australia as part of their Film Friendly Western Australia Initiative.

The Film Friendly Resources for Filmmakers provide Western Australian, Australian and international filmmakers with a quick overview of the processes associated with filming in regional areas in Western Australia.

These resources will inform incoming filmmakers of laws and regulations to be aware of when filming and provide handy tips and contacts to make sure their experience shooting in Western Australia as smooth as possible.

A summary of the Film Friendly Resources for Filmmakers is below.

Film Friendly Resources for Filmmakers shooting in Western Australia

Western Australia Screen Industry Code of Practice

Developed by Screenwest in consultation with Screen Industry professionals, the code provides information to assist people who are unfamiliar with the industry and serve as a benchmark for Screen Industry professionals.

It covers everything from the workplace basics such as WHS and Payment for Work, to Industry Specific issues such as Working with Children, Insurances and working on the road.

Best Practice Guide for Filmmakers Shooting in the Regional Areas of Western Australia

With implementation of the Western Australian Regional Film Fund (WARFF) WA has seen an increase in production across its nine regions.

The Best Practice guide has been developed as tool to assist filmmakers working throughout the regions, focusing on the best practice for engaging with regional stakeholders, developing and executing regional outcomes that bring the highest return for both the filmmakers and the region.

Filming in Western Australia

A compilation of awards and regulations which allows for an overview of what to expect when Filming in WA. This document should be used as a starting point when researching requirements.

Filmmakers Checklist

A simple checklist of key activities to consider and reduce the chances of running into difficulties in Production.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about filming in Western Australia? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for all the answers!

West Australian Road Traffic Regulations 2013

A 2013 report commissioned by Screenwest that explains the legality of current industry practice for shoots in Western Australia involving moving vehicles with a camera internally or externally mounted. The report also contains picture examples of different car mounts available.

See the locations and incentives available to filmmakers shooting in Western Australia at www.filminwesternaustralia.com.au.

About Film Friendly Western Australia

Screenwest’s Film Friendly Western Australia Initiative includes a range of resources about Filming in Western Australia, as well as a training program to assist the Western Australian regional development commissions; local governments, tourism associations, chambers of commerce, stakeholders and partners that will smooth the path for incoming film-makers.

Screenwest CEO Willie Rowe said the initiative would help communities attract new productions and that film friendly is not just a state of mind but a way of doing business.

“Our Film Friendly initiative is the result of years of industry, community and stakeholder consultation and a heavy commitment by Screenwest to make Western Australia the most desirable destination in Australia for creating screen content,” Mr Rowe said.

“A large part of my role is to liaise with industry and stakeholders and assist all parties with advice on our film friendly philosophies,” said Screenwest Production Attraction and Services Coordinator Gabrielle Cole.

“These resources were developed to assist both filmmakers and communities achieve a positive experience through a consistent and transparent framework that balances filming request with the needs of the local area.”

Screenwest will continue to work with interested communities to share information, resources and encourage them to become Film Friendly accredited with its first training workshop scheduled for May 2019.

Find out more at www.screenwest.com.au/filmfriendly.

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