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Screen Queensland is excited to announce the recent opening of their brand new studio complex in Cairns, Australia.

Complementing the breathtaking landscapes of tropical Far North Queensland, the newly opened Screen Queensland Studios, Cairns offers filmmakers a unique opportunity to blend nature’s wonders with Australia’s newest film studio facility.

Motivated by high demand from both Australian and international productions to film in this spectacular part of the world, the 1.5-hectare site is conveniently located just minutes from the Cairns city centre and international airport. The $12.6 million complex offers:

•    one air-conditioned sound stage spanning 11,517 sq ft (1,070 sq metres) 
•    production offices
•    editing suites 
•    sound recording studio
•    wardrobe and construction spaces 
•    88 car spaces

From unspoiled beaches and lush rainforests to contemporary cityscapes and quaint rural towns, to canefields and mountains, North and Far North Queensland are renowned for their diverse filming locations, making them ideal for local and international productions alike.

Clifton Beach, Queensland. Image courtesy of Tourism and Events Queensland
Cedar Creek Falls, Queensland. Image by Kyle Hunter, courtesy of Tourism and Events Queensland

Productions including Wizards! starring Orlando Bloom and Pete Davidson, Ticket to Paradise starring Julia Roberts and George Clooney, Irreverent from NBCUniversal and Matchbox Productions and Black Snow starring Travis Fimmel have all filmed amidst the region’s beautiful backdrops.

George Clooney and Julia Roberts in Ticket to Paradise. Image courtesy of Universal Pictures

“We wanted to make a movie about paradise, so choosing Queensland was the perfect location to do so. Not only did it deliver stunning backdrops that lit up our screens, but it was the friendly and down to earth people who helped make it a joy to produce a movie. It has been a privilege to work with the world class Queensland crews and to have been so welcomed by people all across the state, making this such a special time for all of us.”

Tim Bevan
Producer, Ticket to Paradise

Screen Queensland Studios, Brisbane

Screen Queensland Studios, Brisbane sound stage.

The new Cairns studios aren’t the only production space on offer from Screen Queensland. In the heart of Brisbane, located less than 15 minutes from Brisbane International Airport, Screen Queensland Studios, Brisbane offers filmmakers a convenient and flexible studio facility, ideal for low to mid-range productions.  
Equipped to accommodate a variety of production needs, the studios boast:

•    2 air-conditioned sound stages – both 3000m2 x 7m h | 32,291ft2 x 32.6ft h
•    2 warehouses and additional mixed used building 
•    production offices
•    8 green rooms 
•    200 parking spaces

In addition to the dry-hire studio, Brisbane is well-situated from a range of picture-perfect locations including modern cityscapes to historical architecture, industrial sites to serene countryside, and winding waterways, all under Brisbane’s sunny, subtropical climate.

On set of Thor: Ragnarok in downtown Brisbane. Image courtesy of Marvel Studios
On set of Boys Swallows Universe at Screen Queensland Studios, Brisbane. Image courtesy of Netflix
On set of Love and Monsters at Screen Queensland Studios, Brisbane. Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures
Tangalooma Island Resort shipwrecks. Image courtesy of Tourism and Events Queensland

Productions filmed at Screen Queensland Studios, Brisbane include Fear Below, Zombie Plane, Boy Swallows Universe, Love and Monsters, Joe vs Carole, The Red, and Sharko.

“The crew here in Brisbane and the quality of people here is outstanding. We have been welcomed here with open arms and there’s a love that has been given to us that I appreciate…”

Dan Kaplow
Co-Executive Producer, Joe vs Carole

Screen Queensland, headquartered in Brisbane, offers location services as well as incentives to film in the state. The Production Attraction Incentive is available to productions with a minimum spend of $3.5 million in the state, and can be used in conjunction with the federal government’s Location Offset and Location Incentive.

For more information about Screen Queensland Studios, incentives, location services and Queensland-based post-production facilities, contact:

Mark Melrose, Head of Studios and Physical Production
[email protected]
+61 401 965 083

Naomi Wenck – Head of Production Attraction 
[email protected]
+61 413 651 644