/News 16.06.23


Held in Los Angeles, AI on the Lot is a pioneering summit that united independent filmmakers, showrunners, studio executives, and top AI tech companies to explore the transformative influence of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Hollywood. 

RSP’s President Jennie Zeiher was a panellist on Business Transformed: How AI is Reshaping the Entertainment Business, and RSP’s Co-Founder and Managing Director Tony Clark took part in the panel discussion, Pixels and Possibilities: The Future of VFX and Animation. 

Tony Clark (talking into microphone) and panel members for Pixels and Possibilities: The Future of VFX and Animation

There is much debate at present about the use of AI in the creative industries which has been years in the making.  RSP has been working with AI since 2018 when they commenced their partnership with the Australian Institute for Machine Learning.  RSP has a team of AI specialists working with their traditional artists to bring the best of AI technology together with first-class creativity, and the results across 15 projects to date have been amazing.  RSP’s work in the area has gained a reputation as being right at the forefront of development in the space – so much so that they’re forbidden from discussing projects or shots on some of their projects. 

“RSP’s philosophy is to amplify the capability of our teams and the use of generative AI allows for this by supporting and facilitating this event and promoting further discussions, we can help shape the conversation around the ethical use of AI in visual effects. Our hope is to support studios, filmmakers, VFX artists and production to embrace and evolve using generative AI and computer vision techniques,”
– Tony Clark, Co-Founder & Managing Director, RSP

The event facilitated some great conversations and insights by bringing together futurists, technologists, artists, producers, and VFX industry experts. Change is constant and generative AI can aid in tools that enhance the artistic process. Let’s keep our minds, the possibilities, and discussions open. 

Feature image: Jennie Zeiher and panel members on Business Transformed: How AI is Reshaping the Entertainment Business