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On June 29, Rising Sun Pictures (RSP) announced its expansion into Queensland. Key hires include VFX Supervisor, Marc Varisco and Senior VFX Compositor, Matt Greig located in a central Brisbane based studio.

Managing Director Tony Clark said: “We’ve had long standing relationships with both Marc and Matt, so it made sense to wrap our presence around them and plant a flag in the vibrant Queensland production community.” 

The Queensland physical production slate is thriving with productions such as True SpiritThirteen LivesThe Portable Door, and Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic among countless others. “It just made sense for us to be near the filmmakers and to be in a position to support them throughout the entire production process” adds Clark. 

Marc Varisco. Courtesy of RSP.

RSP has a solid slate of projects in the works, including series and film productions for Marvel, Netflix, Warner Bros. and Amazon, among others. 

For more interest in our presence in Brisbane, contact Tony Clark or Jennie Zeiher.

Featured Image Credit: Group photo of Adelaide crew. Courtesy of RSP.

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