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Seasoned pros, with you 24/7

Stage and Screen’s film crew are the go-to experts and passionate members of the industry. As the leading Australian-owned production travel management company, they have extensive credentials across international and local productions. Most recently they managed the travel needs of Shantaram.

Pivoting production in the Pandemic

From Covid-safe plans, to quarantine accommodation logistics, they’ve been busy helping productions adapt and keep rolling. Having their own Charters is always a massive advantage for productions, but especially right now.

Throw the box away

Stage and Screen have been thinking outside the box for so long, they don’t even have one anymore. This is where they shine and deliver exactly what you need when you need it (mostly yesterday!) Bring your challenges – they’ve got the experience to handle whatever you throw at them.

Start to finish and everything in between

From pre-shooting to production end, Stage and Screen cover all your travel options, short or long term, luxury and VIP. With a dedicated travel manager and finance contact with you for the whole ride. If you’ve had a hiccup mid-production and need to shift gears, they’ll help you transition with no hassle.

Jacqui Walter – your strength behind the scenes: troubleshooter, hand-holder, industry advocate.

Stage and Screen is an Ausfilm Corporate member with a wealth of film travel experience. If you’d like to know the full extent of what they do, as well as the special rates they can tap into for you, talk it through with Jacqui Walter. A regular at both China and US Ausfilm industry exchanges for the past five years, Jacqui has a great working knowledge of rebates, Offsets and QAPE (and now Covid safe production planning!) Jacqui will be with you every step of the way – pre / shooting / post, to ensure travel is delivered seamlessly.

Jacqui is also currently working within industry groups which are driving initiatives and playing a proactive part in the survival of the industry through the current challenging restrictions.

Jacqui Walter
[email protected]
+61 411 955 688