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Method Studios Melbourne on creating shocking moments for IT Chapter Two.

Murderous shapeshifter IT resurfaces to terrorise the residents of Derry, Maine in Warner Bros.’ IT Chapter Two. Set 27 years after the Losers Club first encountered the ancient cosmic evil, the film reunites the now grown-up group of childhood friends who are set on stopping him once and for all. While IT often assumes the form of deranged clown Pennywise, he also manifests in ways that exploit a victim’s greatest fears. Director Andy Muschietti and Production VFX Supervisor Nicholas Brooks, who held the same roles on the preceding IT, enlisted Method Studios Melbourne to help realise some of the film’s most twisted moments with frightening phobia-driven visuals.

“One of my favourite sequences features the head of Stanley rolling out of a fridge, growing spider legs and chasing some of the Losers around the room,” said Method Studios VFX Supervisor Josh Simmonds. “It was a bit of a love letter to John Carpenter’s The Thing and we worked to make the moment as horrifying as possible.”

Method created several other bone-chilling digital characters featured in the film, including Mrs Kersh – featured in two separate, tense sequences – and a large, decrepitly sinister, fibreglass Paul Bunyan statue. Method’s artistry can also be seen through heavy effects work in key scenes, in the cistern collapse, the caving in of the Neibolt house and when Ben is buried under a mountain of dirt.

“This project really had a bit of everything – we were tasked with a lot of interesting assets, effects, character design and animation. I think every department was really motivated to deliver their best work to make these haunting scenes resonate with fans,” .

Method Studios VFX Supervisor, Josh Simmonds

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