/News 26.11.19


Mortal Kombat Director Simon McQuoid has praised South Australia’s “mind-blowing” shooting locations, saying the vast array of stunning backdrops will make the New Line blockbuster “epic”.

Speaking at a recent American Chamber of Commerce event in Adelaide, McQuoid said South Australia was the perfect place to make the action film.

“There’s this incredible grit and realism about a lot of the locations we’re shooting in and I’m really excited about that, because the film I want to make, I want to shoot it as much in-camera as possible – so it’s not people in superhero costumes running around in a parking lot in Atlanta with a giant green screen behind them,”

Simon McQuoid, Director – Mortal Kombat

“It’s all very much in-camera, it’s all very much locations – and Adelaide and South Australia had that.”

Onset for Mortal Kombat in South Australia

“Everyone in LA when I’m sending all the location photos back, their minds are being blown with what we’re finding out here. It is going to be epic, because of what’s here.”

Onset for Mortal Kombat in South Australia

Mortal Kombat is set to wrap in mid-December after a 14-week shoot around South Australia, including in Port Adelaide, the outback desert towns of Coober Pedy and Leigh Creek, Mount Crawford in the Adelaide Hills, and at the South Australian Film Corporation’s Adelaide Studios. The film is set for release in 2021.