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Clients engage Mod for their multi-disciplinary and versatile approach to work. Michela Ledwidge is a Director in the mix, but this doesn’t mean that she has the Director title on all the work Mod does.

Mod may undertake services where Michela is leading a technology team but not the creative team, or providing the Systems Design and Architecture up-front for other vendors to later supply. So, essentially, her approach is as a Creative & Technical Director. Clients come to Michela for her ability to bridge the gap between the creative and the technical. 

While Mod is best known for production services the company also provides Software-As-Service and Consulting through its other in-house brand, Rack&Pin.

Mod’s dream clients and projects allow them to demonstrate creative and technical synergy but they can also turn their hands to jobs where clients just need some nuts and bolts tech, put simply: technology service provision. 

Recently they’ve been delivering data wrangling, backups and archival services to the Sydney Jewish Museum. 

Photo credit: Nadine Saacks. Courtesy Sydney Jewish Museum.

“450 terabytes worth of Holocaust survivors’ testimonies, recorded via a 23-camera array over two months, have been processed and managed by our data team. We’re honoured to have the responsibility of making sure these precious and historic works are safely archived” says Michela.

Archiving testimonies can be an arduous task for any museum but what makes it more difficult is the fact that this material goes to the US and this isn’t always easy, so it is essential that local copies are made available. 

Photo credit: Nadine Saacks. Courtesy Sydney Jewish Museum.

“As you can imagine, when you’re rolling on 23 cameras, and you’ve got a two month shooting schedule, you’re talking about an insane amount of data that needs to be managed. Data wrangling is not our main service offering but these interesting projects come to us as a result of people knowing that we’re a safe pair of hands, and an interesting multi-disciplinary collaborator.”

Michela Ledwidge, Founder and CEO, Mod

For serious technical work like ensuring that backups are successfully completed, and to ensure that there’s a support person for the client to contact, Mod has developer and operations capacity in-house. For Mod, it’s really important that they can communicate this to their current and new potential market.

Photo credit: Nadine Saacks. Courtesy Sydney Jewish Museum.

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