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The MacDonnell Ranges are a mountain range located in the centre of Northern Territory.

They are covering an area of 39,294 square kilometres. By comparison Belgium is 30,688 km2, and so the ranges offer a variety of untouched pre-historic landscapes, and have been featured in films such as Sweet Country and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

The range itself is a 644 km long series of mountains, consisting of parallel ridges running to the east and west of Alice Springs.

The Macdonnell Ranges include several types of locations ranging from mountain tops to ochre pits to rock pools and gorges. One of the more famous landmarks includes Standley Chasm, a dramatic 80m sheer rock-face following the natural creek, easily accessible by car from Alice Springs central business district and on privately owned Aboriginal land.

A little further afield, 300 kilometres south west of Alice Springs, another breath-taking landmark in the ranges is Kings Canyon. The canyon features 100 metre-high sandstone walls, a series of panoramic plateaus and The Garden of Eden, a permanent waterhole surrounded by plant life in the otherwise desert landscape.

Whilst seemingly remote, the location features the nearby Kings Canyon Resort and its deluxe hotel rooms, as well as providing easy transport access via the Kings Canyon airport.

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