/News 08.10.18


For Hotel Mumbai, KOJO was the full service post and VFX facility for the film with world-class DI Colourist Marty Pepper also leading KOJO’s VFX team which included VFX Supervisor for the shoot in India and Adelaide, Australia. KOJO completed data, editorial, colour grade, VFX, sound post and delivery over a two year period. Another project that KOJO was the full service post and VFX facility was The Nightingale – with Marty Pepper acting as VFX Super on location in Tasmania and also DI Colourist. Again they completed data, editorial, colour, VFX, sound post and delivery. The Nightingale  had its world premiere at the Venice International Film festival and won the Special Jury Prize.

KOJO also recently wrapped work on 4K series Pine Gap, a six-part drama series set in the joint US-Australian intelligence-gathering base in the central Australian desert near Alice Springs which is a joint Netflix, ABC and South Australian Film Corporation  production. Their worked included data, editorial, colour, VFX and delivery.

I am Mother, starring Hilary Swank, Clara Rugaard and Rose Byrne, is currently in final post with KOJO completing data, editorial, colour, some VFX along with Ausfilm Member Fin, sound post and delivery.

And last but not least: KOJO completed the DI colour grade on Storm Boy with Marty Pepper as Colourist and they are about to complete Top End Wedding and Animals in the coming months.

It has been the busiest period KOJO have ever had and coincides with the completion of their new post & VFX studio in Melbourne; so they are pretty excited to have been these amazing productions hit screens around the world!