/News 25.01.17


When making professional travel arrangements, striking the right balance between budget and flexibility can be a challenge. Nothing is more frustrating than negotiating a great travel deal, only to have costs blow out due to unexpected schedule changes.

In such a dynamic and people-focused industry, it’s always going to be about expecting the unexpected, but seeking out the right services and advice can easily help you avoid hidden costs. Showfilm – Australia’s screen industry travel expert, share their top three tips.


1. Plan for Changes

Creating a streamlined journey for your cast and crew means a huge amount of coordination between different providers. Booking flights, transport and hotels individually can take time and leads to hidden costs and increased administration when plans inevitably change. Considering the unpredictability of the film and TV industry, it’s definitely worth using an agent for end-to-end solutions.

An agent with industry specific experience can tap into their statistics and local knowledge to make travel plans as cost effective as possible. A qualified agent with a strong history of specialising in the film and TV industry will get the whole picture, so they’ll be able to plan travel strategically from the start. For example, knowing exactly when to book premium flexi-tickets and when a standard ticket will suffice is a huge way to reduce hidden costs, and this only comes through experience.


2.  Get Streamlined

Travel related administration can be time consuming and a huge hidden cost to business and productivity. In addition to providing real-time updates on flights, Apps like Tripcase and Serko can also keep track of itineraries, hotel bookings and rental car reservations.

One step further is Showfilm’s Travel Intelligence platform. This technology is an industry first, bringing together all company travel information to create concise statistical reports, presented in straightforward graphs and visuals. The automation of reports and easy comparisons of spending can help you analyse travel expenditure and reduce future costs with a minimum of time spent.

Streamlining travel bookings through one specialised agent also allows for further cost reduction through loyalty programs. An integrated agency can provide points to redeem across multiple platforms and taking advantage of these savings is an ideal way to free up space in your budget.


3. Reputation and Experience

Connections and experience are built over time, so it’s important to ensure your agent has strong industry and travel provider partnerships. On a base level, this means access to cheaper prices across all travel platforms from flights to hotels and everything in between.

More importantly, solid agency partnerships mean accessible solutions to unexpected challenges. Unexpected problems and last minute rescheduling situations may push you into unknown and stressful territory, particularly with high profile clients. An agent with proven experience in the film and TV industry will  have been through the scenario plenty of times before, with solutions at the ready. It’s especially important to look for an agency that provides a dedicated 24-hour specialist team.


Showfilm, a division of Show Group, is a proud Platinum Member of Ausfilm, with over 30 years of experience providing integrated and tailored travel services to productions of all sizes. With competitive prices and end-to-end solutions, Showfilm’s teams of dedicated professionals across the globe are experienced and knowledgeable in every aspect of the film and TV industry. So contact Nick Smith, Strategic Business Manager, Australia & NZ – Film & TV to learn more about Showfilm’s Travel Services and Rewards Program.