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Home Away from Home: Show Group’s Guide to Long-term Travel Arrangements

In the dynamic world of film and TV production, long-term travel is not just necessary; it’s often an exciting aspect of the job.

With production schedules frequently stretching over several months, professionals in the industry find themselves on extended journeys, temporarily leaving the familiarity of home and loved ones.

Show Group recognises the unique challenges that individuals and productions face when travelling for extended periods throughout filming. In this article we share some insights from their team to better understand the challenges of long-term travel and how partnering with an experienced TMC can make a world of difference!

The Personal Challenges 

While venturing to unique and faraway destinations for filming can be an exciting aspect of working in film, it’s essential to acknowledge that extended travel can be emotionally taxing for your crew. Uprooting oneself from the comfort and support system of home, family, and friends can be an overwhelming experience, especially when faced with long days on set.

Additionally, your crew must navigate unfamiliar territory, adjust to new surroundings and learn the proximity of production offices, studios, and vital amenities such as grocery stores and entertainment hubs.

Depending on the filming location, they may need to learn local customs or adapt to an environment where their first language isn’t commonly spoken.

The Logistical Challenges

When coordinating long-term travel for your production, many logistical obstacles arise, setting it apart significantly from shorter-term projects. The challenges include:

1.    Availability

One of the key challenges is securing accommodation for prolonged periods. Depending on the filming location, long-term bookings may be subject to various constraints, such as school holidays, sporting events, conferences, or major events in the local area. These events can significantly diminish room availability, making securing the required number of rooms challenging.

2.    Apartment-style accommodation

Unlike shorter stays, long-term travel often requires apartment-style accommodation, especially when your filming location is in a regional setting. Such accommodations offer your crew essential living amenities like kitchenettes, spacious living areas, and laundry facilities, ensuring they have the comfort and convenience required to establish a routine and settle in.

However, it is worth noting that these accommodations are typically strata-titled, with individual investors owning the apartments while a hotel chain manages the bookings. Given this distinctive arrangement, privately owned apartments can feature variations in design and amenities. Therefore, ensuring that the selected apartments align with your travel program policies is crucial.

3.    Car Rentals

When organising long-term car rentals that extend for up to six months, it’s essential to consider that your vehicles may need servicing during the rental period. In such cases, it’s also necessary to have a replacement vehicle arranged as required.

The pivotal role of TMCs in arranging long-term travel

Engaging with an experienced Travel Management Company (TMC) becomes indispensable when coordinating long-term travel for your production. An experienced TMC will establish a close partnership with your production team to gain a comprehensive understanding of your production’s unique travel requirements – ranging from room counts, to catering, to the specialised needs of high-profile travellers.

This collaborative approach ensures they can adeptly navigate the distinct travel challenges your production encounters, ultimately delivering customised travel solutions that guarantee your crew a seamless and hassle-free experience.

An experienced TMC will also leverage well-established supplier relationships to secure the optimal solutions for your long-term stay at the most competitive prices, even during peak travel periods. This also allows them to adeptly navigate the intricacies of booking apartment-style residences and private residential options that align with your travel policy requirements, ensuring your crew enjoys a comfortable and convenient stay.

For example, Show Group clients enjoy the benefits of the company’s long-standing and strong supplier relationships, including access to specialised rates. For productions with substantial volume and extended durations, Show Group’s dedicated team excels in negotiating favourable terms with their suppliers, which may include reduced rates, room upgrades, and discounts on breakfast and parking. 

Additionally, partnering with a TMC ensures consistent and dependable access to transportation for your cast and crew. Your account manager will oversee all aspects of vehicle servicing and ensure swift arrangements for replacement vehicles.

Knowing the Environment

Delivering an exceptional long-term travel experience goes beyond tackling logistical challenges. Equipping your travellers with essential information about the local community is equally important to facilitate a seamless transition. Show Group’s dedicated travel experts offer travellers valuable recommendations for restaurants, entertainment venues, gyms, and shopping centres.

This added layer of support ensures that your team navigates the practical aspects of their stay and enjoys what the local community offers.

A Customised Solution for Unique Challenges

Show Group explains that they are well-versed in managing the intricacies of long-term travel arrangements and catering to the most specialised requests.

Their team recently oversaw the travel arrangements for a high-profile actor who had requested an elite level of privacy and security during their stay, including the request for an entire hotel floor and exclusive use of the hotel’s elevator.

Leveraging their strong supplier relationships, Show Group’s team skilfully negotiated the reassignment of existing bookings for the duration of the production, ensuring the actor’s privacy by securing an entire floor.

Additionally, Show Group also arranged for the presence of an exclusive “elevator butler”, available daily from 6am to 11pm. This ensured the hotel elevator was at the guest’s disposal whenever needed, guaranteeing complete privacy and security throughout their stay.

Overcoming the challenges associated with long-term travel requires the proficiency of an experienced TMC. Through their collaborative approach, vast experience, and in-depth comprehension of your production’s distinct requirements and preferences, Show Group’s dedicated team will ensure your travellers have an exceptional journey – no matter how long they remain ‘on the road’!

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