/News 30.04.20


Heliguy can now live stream your shoot.

Jeff Gaunt from Heliguy has been working with their clients create versatile production solutions for these challenging times. Clients need to continue creating content while providing a safe working environment for everyone. Heliguy’s solution to this is a new live streaming platform that allows all the decision-makers to stay constantly connected so they are able to interact with the Heliguy team during production – live – from anywhere in the world.

How Does It Work?

To give clients the opportunity to be live on set, Heliguy developed a new system. This gives productions real-time access the camera feed from anywhere in the world with two-way communications to their drone operators⁠.

The live streaming platform combines live video from the drone and sound from the phone and transmits it over a 4G network. The signal is encoded for security and it allows you to create a unique URL. This URL can be shared to log in and view the shoot live with only a 5-second delay on any device, giving clients the chance to make real-time adjustments to the shoot.

Contact Jeff Gaunt at Heliguy for more details:
[email protected]
+61 418 181 627

Watch the video below: