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As the film industry continues to grow and evolve, so does its awareness of the potential impact film production can have on the environment. With each aspect of production – from lighting and set design to transportation, every decision made in film production can leave a lasting environmental impact. Show Group provides strategic and customized travel solutions that empower clients in achieving their sustainability goals.

While travel and transportation are necessities in filmmaking, production companies can lower the environmental impact of their travel. Show Group is committed to reducing the staggering impact film production can have on the environment; backed by extensive experience and the CTM Group’s innovative technology, the team is able to assist with route planning, solution-based operations, sustainability reporting, prioritizing sustainable accommodation, and offering carbon offsetting options to customers.

Show Group is dedicated to delivering exceptional travel experiences that minimize the environmental impact of film production travel, by prioritizing the well-being of production teams and the planet.

The Stats:
Tentpole Production EmissionsThe average carbon footprint of a US tentpole production is 3,370 metric tonnes, according to a report by the Sustainable Production Alliance, the equivalent of driving seven million miles (or 11 million km) in a regular vehicle, as reported by the US Environmental Protection Agency
Large Film EmissionsLarge films have an average a carbon footprint of 1,081 metric tons
Fuel ConsumptionFuel consumption significantly impacts the average carbon footprint, accounting for 48% of emissions
Air travelAir travel also has a substantial impact and accounts for 24% of emissions
AccommodationAccommodation, such as hotels and housing, accounted for only 6% of emissions

Here are just a few of the ways the Show Group team can help! 

1.     Route planning 

Non-stop (direct) flights tend to be better for the environment. They are shorter and use fewer resources, primarily due to fewer takeoffs and landings, where carbon emissions have the greatest impact. While direct flights may not be possible for every destination, our experts can help you find the best options for direct flights based on volume, cost, and frequency. With the backing of the global CTM Group, we can negotiate superior rates that align with your budget and sustainability goals.

2.     Cutting-edge technology

When you partner with Show Group, you also enjoy the benefits of working with the global CTM Group, including access to CTM’s Data Hub reporting technology. CTM’s Data Hub reporting tool provides advanced insight into the sustainability of your travel program, including:

• Total CO² emissions by month

• Average CO² emissions per trip and traveller

• CO² emissions by service type (air/hotel/ car/rail) and by service provider

• CO² emissions by fare class

This allows you to monitor your carbon footprint continuously and helps you stay on track toward reaching your sustainability goals.

3.     Sharing the ride

To lower ground transportation carbon emissions, a report by ARUP suggests promoting shared transport among the production team. Show Group can help plan and coordinate shared transportation, ensuring vehicles are strategically selected for cost-effectiveness and sustainability. Alternatively, your production team can use CTM’s cutting-edge ride-share technology, which connects travelling crew to reduce costs and minimize environmental impact.

4.     Green accommodation

Sustainability in hotels was once limited to reusing your bath towel. These days, many hotel companies embrace environmental and social sustainability through initiatives such as green roof technology, energy-saving systems, using local and on-site food sources, implementing water conservation programs, and much more. We can help you review your preferred hotels and prioritize sustainability during selection and negotiation. 

5.     Offset your emissions

Through the CTM Climate+ program, Show Group offers customers the ability to offset the carbon emissions produced by travel and support a project or initiative close to your company’s heart. Whether you want to offset the carbon emissions from air, hotel, car rental, or rail travel, you can make a real impact through programs focused on rainforest conservation, sustainable livelihoods, wildlife protection, and renewable energy.

Show Group is dedicated to delivering an exceptional travel experience that prioritizes the well-being of your production team and the planet. The film industry is making great strides towards sustainability, but there’s still more work to be done. By minimizing the impact of your travel, you can take a significant step in reducing your production’s carbon footprint and positively impacting the environment.

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