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We talked to Roz Stratton, Associate VFX Producer at Industrial Light & Magic’s Sydney studio about her move into StageCraft and Virtual Production and her mentorship with Associate Virtual Production Producer Christina Sours from the company’s San Francisco headquarters.

What is your role and how long have you been on the project? 

I am the Associate Producer and I have been on Thor: Love and Thunder for two months. I have been working in VFX production for the past 12 years and have worked at both ILM’s Singapore and Sydney studios. This is my first foray into Virtual Production.

Why did you decide to move from VFX to Virtual Production? 

At ILM Virtual Production is really an extension of our visual effects work – the main difference is that it happens in real-time on set. I have been interested in Virtual Production for the past few years so I jumped at the chance when the opportunity came up. 

How has the transition been? 

Although there are similarities to VFX production, there has been so much to learn about Virtual Production and about being on set. It’s a different pace with a whole new language that I have been navigating over the past few months, but it’s been an enjoyable and challenging learning curve.  

Who is your global mentor? 

Christina Sours, Associate Virtual Production Producer from our San Francisco office. 

Roz Stratton

How is the mentorship organised? 

Christina came over from the US during the build out stage in November after playing a huge part in getting the volume set up and the team assembled remotely. Since then, I have been able to shadow her on the ground and draw from her vast experience with all things StageCraft.

Most important take-away from the mentorship? 

Having a mentor who not only has an extensive knowledge base but a willingness to impart that knowledge has been invaluable. By having Christina here on the ground, we have been able to develop a strong working relationship which will only carry on once she returns to the US.

How has it been to be a part of the Virtual Production team at ILM Sydney so far? 

It has been a dream to be part of the ILM StageCraft team which is made up of both new hires to ILM and longer term local and international ILM VFX artists and technicians. Some people have had previous StageCraft or Virtual Production experience, while others, like myself are brand new to it. It is a very collective group with everyone supporting each other and sharing knowledge.

What do you think having a local StageCraft set up contributes to the future of the VFX industry in Australia? 

Virtual production is changing the way VFX is integrated into the filmmaking process, positioning itself within the pre-production and production stages which creates more opportunities for VFX while also giving more creative freedoms to the filmmakers. By having a local team and set-up, we are able to offer a world class service for our clients right here in Sydney. 

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