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Crafted by BAFTA award winner Danny Brocklehurst, this six-part series is a remarkable collaboration between Stan and the BBC, brought to life by UK production company, Eleven Film with Curio Pictures providing production services in Australia.

Ten Pound Poms delves into the lives of a group of expatriates who seize the opportunity to participate in the Ten Pound Pom initiative, bidding farewell to post-war Britain in 1956 in pursuit of a fresh start in Australia. However, their newfound existence Down Under proves far from what they had anticipated.

Cockatoo Island, Sydney. Credit: Anton Denby
Ten Pound Poms. © Stan

The series features a strong ensemble cast including Michelle Keegan, Warren Brown and Faye Marsay. Ten Pound Poms was expertly filmed in various stunning New South Wales locations, including Sydney’s Scheyville National Park, as well as the scenic regions of the Blue Mountains and Carcoar in New South Wales.

Nissen Huts. Credit: Anton Denby
Ten Pound Poms. © Stan
Ten Pound Poms. © Stan
Derelict woolsheds in a locality named Burnt Yards. Credit: Anton Denby
Ten Pound Poms. © Stan

Production of Ten Pound Poms provided employment for more than 200 Australian cast, crew and more than 1000 Australian extras.

The production of the series was made possible through the invaluable support and funding provided by Screen NSW, in conjunction with the thriving Australian screen industry including talented Ausfilm Members; Sydney-based visual effects experts, SLATEVFX brought the series to life, starting from pre-viz, while Cutting Edge provided essential post-production support. CATO Location Services expertly managed unit logistics, traffic control, and on-set security. The aerial cinematography services were skillfully handled by Heliguy, with Panavision supplying top-of-the-line camera equipment. TAG ensured seamless travel services, and Entertainment Partners Powered by Moneypenny provided software solutions, payroll services, and incentives.

Ten Pound Poms. © Stan

The production was made possible through the Australian Government’s Location Incentive Program with additional support through the NSW State Government Made In NSW Fund. 

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