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DAVE shows the art of hand‑drawn animation is still alive and well with SMOKO

Triple Meat, the alternate content wing of independent Australian animation studio DAVE Enterprises, have this month announced their latest animated film SMOKO has been selected into the Gold Coast Film Festival, Inner West Film Festival, and Sparrow Land Short Film Festival.

Created to showcase the multifaceted talents of the Triple Meat team, SMOKO taps into the rich vein of quintessential Australian humour, and the art of arguing for the hell of it.

The Triple Meat crew from DAVE Enterprises

While the film’s creators describe the animation style as “deceptively simple” – a choice made to keep the focus on the characters and humour – every panel on SMOKO is digitally hand drawn and painted, a rare artform these days due to the intense amount of labour and high level of skill required.

This stripped back simplicity is what creator, Steve Cooper, says he wanted to capture when he pitched the idea to Director, Adam “Gunny” Gunn, who embellished it with his own brand of humour.

Michael Pattison, Project Producer and Head of Production oversaw rewrites and the boarding process, and brought Andrew Collins into the mix as the Lead Animator, with Visual Effects Animator Ben Grimshaw assisting with the arduous task of hand drawing the artworks.

SMOKO has already struck a chord with Australian audiences. With its broad appeal and obvious marketability, Triple Meat and DAVE Enterprises are keen to make sure SMOKO reaches its full potential as a popular new interstitial series.

DAVE's team is not just focusing on showcasing their own talents, having also teamed up with the Inner West Film Fest Pitching Competition in April to offer an industry-level sizzle reel storyboard and animatic (valued at approx. $10k) as part of the grand prize.

Turning ideas into moving, detailed worlds is what DAVE Enterprises is known for, and helping creators navigate the next phase of development is what they are all about. Contact DAVE to find out how they can help with your next animated project.


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