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With exceptional work continuing to emerge from Rising Sun Pictures, we got some insight from VFX supervisor Marc Varisco. Marc talks about the things he loves about his job, advantages of Brisbane based work/life balance and the path he took to arrive at where he is today.

You are creative person by nature, what made you decide that VFX Supervising was for you?

Becoming a VFX Supervisor wasn’t really a conscious decision; it wasn’t really a job when I started out.
I was working on a diverse set of animation disciplines mainly on TV commercials, when I started to direct.  I gained a lot of on-set experience, translating what you shoot to the finished product. I became incredibly adept at creative and technical problem solving particularly during post-production.

I started Supervising in Vancouver in 1998 on a bunch of series and feature work. I found I really fit the role of mediating between Directors/Showrunners and the VFX team; interpreting someone’s vision is a skill and communicating that to a team to execute requires a lot of communication and trust.

Was there a film that influenced your decision to step into Visual Effects?

I was doing a lot of motion control work and miniatures in the 1980’s and finishing shots optically. I was obviously drawn to Star Wars, Tron, Ghostbusters, and the like. They were able to execute complex shots using every trick in the book.  

What are some of the more creatively diverse VFX projects you have worked on?

Shows like National Treasure and Master and Commander. We were trying to exhaust what we could achieve with in camera-trickery; mix of miniatures, isolated elements or sprites, and complex VFX solutions to create these illusions, and succeeded!

What part of VFX Supervising do you like the most?

I really enjoy taking a show from its script and developing shooting / visual effects methodologies. I work hard to build a good working relationship with the Director, understanding the creative requirements for both the story telling and visual aspects of the project.

I work hand in hand with the Director and VFX team understanding how we best approach the work in pre-production and shooting… but the fun really begins as we get into post production!

I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world and work on some amazing projects over the last three decades. I’ve also been able to build some incredible relationships.  Every project brings its unique challenges but that’s what makes VFX Supervising special; no job is ever the same.

Why Brisbane?

Because it’s beautiful one day, perfect the next! Queensland is a hive of production activity coming from all around the world!

When RSP approached me about the possibility of a new studio based out of Brisbane, I couldn’t sign up quick enough. Supervising the calibre of work that RSP produces, here out of our Brisbane studio, is a game changer.
Akin to the lifestyle in Adelaide, Brisbane’s lifestyle is similarly envious; you can start the day with a short commute (or bike ride), work with a great team and end the day having dinner and a dip in the pool with your family.

Could it sound any better?

Feature Image: Rising Sun Pictures, Mark Varisco