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Carolyn Dean is Showgroup’s Film and TV Travel Manager – a woman who knows the world! We recently asked her all about the simple things that make her world turn:

How long have you been working with Show Group? 
15 Years.

What made you decide to get into the travel industry? 
The love of travel.

Show Group’s Carolyn Dean in India

Do you have time to go the movies? If so, favourite all time movie? 
Even pre-covid very rarely!

What are the key drivers for delivering successful solutions for production? 
Client satisfaction and retention of your clients.

You would have seen the industry transform over time, how has Show Group adapted to rapid changes taking place? 
Show Group has entertainment in its DNA.  We work in collaboration and consultation with the film and television industry (as well as music and sport) to present the uniqueness and bespoke requirements to the travel industry suppliers including airlines, hotels, car and transport suppliers.  Our supplier partners are an extension of service and this is critical as we manage the ever-changing landscape of the industry in a Covid world.

Show Group has been managing the entertainment industry for over 40 Years – in your opinion, why are they so successful? 
Our passionate and committed staff who go above and beyond.

You have a large team, managing multiple productions, covering all parts of the country, tips on how you keep everything ticking along so smoothly? 
Communication and teamwork.

Favourite place in Australia/Holiday destination where you go to relax?I don’t really have a favourite that I go to regularly. But anywhere by the beach is my go-to. Loved Monkey Mia and am looking forward to a second trip to Broome (in Western Australia) next year.

Carolyn Dean – Show Group

Most challenging travel issue you’ve worked on? Why? 
On Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings because production was placed temporarily on hold when Covid first hit in 2020. It involved a massive effort in ensuring the international cast and crew were able to return to their respective homes around the world and then getting them all back to Australia six months later.

Current binge TV?   
I am currently hooked on Celebrity Masterchef!

Favourite restaurant / pub? 
The Boat Shed at La Perouse (in NSW)… and after lockdown…any pub really!

How did you first connect with Show Group? 
I first worked with Show Group as a supplier when working for Air New Zealand. I worked closely with the consultants working on the Superleague which involved lots of group travel across the Tasman. It’s great to have a different perspective and be on the consultant’s side of things now. Show Group has been a great company to work for with amazing and dedicated staff.

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