/News 28.06.17

Ausfilm Farewells Louise Houston, Executive Director Tax, Warner Bros

Ausfilm member Warner Bros. Australia has advised us that Louise Houston will be leaving the company in July this year. We have enjoyed working with Louise over the last few years and we wish Louise the greatest success with her future plans.

Louise has worked for Warner Bros. for 14 years in a wide-ranging tax role encompassing corporate taxes, film production structuring and film production incentives for Australia and New Zealand.

During this time Louise has played an active role in film industry issues in both countries.  Prior to joining Warner Bros., Louise worked for Ernst & Young providing corporate tax advisory services in New Zealand and Australia for over 11 years. Louise developed particular specialisations in the entertainment industry, cross-border tax issues and GST.

Louise will continue to be part of the Warner Bros. Pictures family as a consultant on production incentive issues in Australia and New Zealand.

“Louise’s business card identifies her as ‘Executive Director, Tax at Warner Bros. Australia,’ but that is a misnomer, as Louise is almost everything for us in Australia,” said Bill Draper, President of Physical Production, Warner Bros. Pictures, “no remit was too tough for her. She will be sorely missed, but I wish her great success in the next chapter of her life,”

“We are very appreciative of the role Louise has played for us in Australia the last 14 years, her deep knowledge of tax policy and corporate governance issues have ensured a first-class operation for Warner Bros.,” said Michael Walbrecht, Vice President Public Affairs, Warner Bros. Entertainment, “she handled every issue with poise and aplomb and for that we are eternally grateful.”