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Heliguy provided beautiful aerial cinematography for the recently released Stan and Peacock series, Wolf Like Me. We caught up for a few Behind the scenes shots and their experience working on-set in urban and rural Australia.

Heliguy’s team ventured into the far corners of NSW to gather their stunning visuals for the series, their team was able to utilise the Specialised Heavylift and Triple Camera Array drone systems to capture the vision of cinematographer, Germain McMicking, ACS. 

Heliguy’s Heavylift drone on-set in Broken Hill. Image by Jeff Gaunt.
 The Triple Camera Array system. Photo by Nathan Richards, Head of Camera department

Shooting in the arid landscape of the Broken Hill region were Heliguy’s team Jeff Gaunt (Drone Operator), Ewan Donnachie (Camera Operator), and Nathan Richards (Camera Operator).

Meanwhile, the Sydney locations involved Heliguy’s team Alastair Smith (Drone Operator), Nathan Richards (Camera Operator), and Camilo Jimenez (Drone Assistant).

Heliguy’s Jeff Gaunt on location in Broken Hill using the Heavylift drone. Images by Nathan Richards.

Heliguy’s Camera Operator, Ewan Donnachie had this to say of his experience, “Filming out in the desert of Australia comes with its challenges and rewards in equal parts. If the skies are reasonably clear, you know the mornings and afternoons will be incredible, with micro-fine dust in the air creating soft, auburn and gold lighting. Unfortunately, that same dust has an unbelievable ability to cover you and all your gear, with the inevitable result of late nights spent cleaning, after long days of shooting.

“When the drone goes up at that perfect moment, and you see the depth of the landscape owing to the long shadows on the plains and contrast-shifts across mountain ranges, it makes all the hard work worthwhile.”

Ewan Donnachie
Jeff Gaunt. Image by Nathan Richards

Donnachie continues, “Myself and the Heliguy team have worked extensively with DoP Germain, with the result that he now gives us a brief and lets us run with it. Having the Cinematographer trust us enough to hand over the technical and creative reins is a real honour, which drives us to really push ourselves and the gear for the best possible shots that both compliment the story and showcase Australia’s incredible landscapes.”

The series was produced by Made Up Stories: Jodi Matterson (Nine Perfect Strangers), Bruna Papandrea (Big Little Lies) and Steve Hutensky (The Dry).

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Feature Image: Jeff Gaunt. Photo by Nathan Richards.