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Australia’s screen production community is famous throughout the world for their can-do attitude. The below list provides a snapshot of some of Australia’s most experienced screen industry talent.

Please note: The below list is not exhaustive, and is not indicative of talent availabilities click here for more information.

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This talent list provides a snapshot of experienced Australian screen production professionals with a minimum of two international credits or extensive Australian production credits. Talent is listed alphabetically by category and then first name. If you meet this criteria and wish to be added please email [email protected].

Disclaimer: The list is not exhaustive and subject to frequent change and we are working with the screen agencies to improve the diversity and inclusiveness of this directory. If you see key talent missing please contact us.

This list is also not an indication of talent availabilities. Please contact Australia’s state screen agencies (Screen NSW, Screen Queensland, Screen Tasmania, Screen Territory, Screenwest, South Australian Film Corporation, VicScreen) for their comprehensive talent directories in their jurisdictions.