Consolidated Media Services

Consolidated Media Services is a collective of highly experienced production services professionals, providing a dedicated one-stop-shop for physical production, accounting services and maximising Australian incentives. Their team have abundant experience working on movie and TV productions worldwide, including Oscar-winning projects.
Ausfilm Member since 2022

Consolidated Media Services offer an array of physical production services including local logistics, locations and vendors. The skilled team at Consolidated Media Services are able to act as sponsors for visas/work permits, consult on the engagement of local cast and crew including deals with Australian unions, and manage applications for Australian incentives. Consolidated Media Services have excellent production supervision experience working in Australia’s safe production environment, with great links to talented local crew and excellent infrastructure.

Consolidated Media Services’ dedicated in-house production accounting team can oversee all bank account administration, cost reporting, accounting records and taxation requirements. They can also provide strategic accounting consultancy (including for production budgets, schedules and finance plans) and a full payroll administration service.


Craig McMahon
+61 404 288 367
[email protected]

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Consolidated Media Services are able to streamline and add value by offering co-financing and/or exec producing through their debt financing business; and in-depth experience in television through their TV producing business.

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